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South Landing Inn was founded in 1827 and has a long history of being one of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s most well reputed and excellent hotels for tourists of the region. It features the quiet, unspoiled charm of a country inn while being situated in the quaint, historical village of Queenston.

Our hotel is nestled in one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, the Niagara Falls, surrounded by all of its history and close to Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake. Around the hotel’s immediate area, you will find plenty of places offering, fine and casual dining, music, performing arts, cycling, nature trails, fishing, golfing, and vineyards offering exclusive wine tours of our regions most excellent local wines.


The South Landing Inn was built in the early 1800’s by Thomas Dickson who saw the opportunity to accommodate the many travellers the region catered to even back then. The usual tenants would be tourists on route from the far reaches of America and Canada to the ever famous Niagara Fall. Queenston was a thriving town for tourists boasting 13 inns and taverns but now only the South Landing Inn remains and has managed to stand through 200 years of history to be a premier destination for the location.


South Landing Inn has undergone some gentle renovations to improve the already high standards of service it provides to thousands of guests every year. This is the first time it has been updated since the 1980s, bringing much needed additions and updates to bring it into the modern era while maintaining its country charm.


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History Of Queenston

The charming village of Queenston breathes an atmosphere of incredible history and romance from every street. Walking through the town you will be able to take in the elegant, historic homes and buildings that adorn the landscape and are still standing today as excellent examples of fine early 19th century architecture.

Much of the early history of the area revolves around the War of 1812, which took places across Canada and left behind several historically significant sites to visit while you’re in Queenston. These sites are all within walking distance of the South Landing Inn, making it the perfect location for visitors of Niagara-on-the-Lake who want to take in the supreme beauty of the Niagara Falls as well as take a trip through time.